Beauty of Being Snowed In..

It Snowed...

It snowed last night! No, it didn’t just snow, it snowed! And the wind blew! As I awoke this morning, I noticed that things were darker than usual, yet somehow, brighter? The closely draped bedroom window was coated with pure, fluffy, white snow-yes, even pure, screen-free glass! It’s beautiful. The sun is attempting to peek through the clouds, and every now and again, we get a sudden burst of light that hits frosted living room windows.

It Snowed...

Schools are cancelled. Music students are snowed in their homes and my day is free. Everything is quiet, still and gleaming bright. I like this. I really do. The world is quiet, sound waves cushioned by the earth’s new look. Every tree branch and bush is contrasted by white and folks find the weather frightful and only brave souls venture outside today.

It causes nostalgic memories to resurface.

When I was a child, we’d often lose electricity in our farmhouse, sometimes up to a week or two in the winter months. The fireplace constantly held a fire, kerosene lamps and candles came out to light the night world. The pace of life slowed. Meals were simple, time was spent on story telling, in-the-dark games, playing musical instruments and singing. I remember loving these times, so much in fact, that when we have kids, we just might incorporate an electricity-free night to help us remember to slow down and enjoy the simple things of life.

But for today?

Me-thinks its a perfect day to wrap my fingers around my sewing projects, to make those pillows with the duck feathers I’ve been saving. They’ve been contained to a sack and have been hanging in the bedroom, awaiting the day there is enough to make a suitable pillow for the bed. I found a feather-duvet for cheap and there, have the finely-woven material needed to make the project, as well as some extra feathers!

It Snowed...

And then there’s the wool I’ve been collecting. Braided rugs, perhaps a quilt or two, even potholders may be a good choice! My hope is to one day open an Etsy account. I’ve attempted many different things, only to find they don’t suit. Perhaps working with cloth will be the perfect match!

It Snowed

There’s always something to be done, but today, I’m going to soak it in. The slower outside world causes me to slow down inside. I’m going to enjoy the pace, the quiet, the stillness. And whatever my hands find to do, I want to savor it!


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