How to Make Apple Cider with a Juicer (and frugal apple vinegar)

Apple cider making is such an autumn-season activity! I have fond memories of crisp air, colored leaves, rosy cheeks and neighbors gathered around to help with the fruit pressing. Kids climbed the apple trees while some collected from the ground below, adults laughed and joked, the teenage boys showed their muscle power by cranking the […]

How To Render Schmaltz

I know what you’re thinking: “what-in-mason-jars is schmaltz?!” When the word “rendered” flashes through out minds, we think of melting down fat, right? Schmaltz is rendered poultry fat, whether it be waterfowl or land-loving birds! Chicken is most commonly used, closely followed by turkey. Waterfowl fat is used by brave souls; the flavor tends to […]