Chasing Away January Blues-post# 3

How has your week been going thus far? Did you have opportunity to connect with others? Or is there someone still on your list?

I’ve made effort! While my Friends and Tea craft day isn’t up and running yet, I happened upon a friend while at the swimming pool with my brother’s family. Being a young mom, she was feeling the need for connection. This got my wheels turning and I’ve decided to host a once-a-week, young women’s casual visiting time at my house! I’m super excited! There’s something special about having others into your home…somehow, it lightens the atmosphere and even after they leave, a cheery spirit lingers behind.


Time. Its an interesting thing. It passes by swiftly when we are busy, but for most, January is a month where things can feel very slow. Slowness isn’t bad! I, for one, am grateful for the unhurried pace after harvesting, canning, gardening, butchering and preserving all summer and fall! It gives us time to re-examine our priorities, catch up on those projects that should have been finished in the summer and best of all, its a time of rest.

For those who live in more northern climates, this year’s snow came as a blanket to cover the sleeping earth. The birds have left for warmer lands, the garden rows are but white mounds of sparkling brilliance, the animals have settled down and are more concerned with eating and reserving body warmth than anything else! The land rests and now is the time to rest with it.

Tip #3

Treat this time of year with appreciation for its quietness. Take time to slow down and enjoy the stillness. Go for a snowshoe in the mountains, enjoying the nippy cold. Or cuddle up in a soft armchair with hot drink, a blanket and one of your favorite classics. If you have young children, see if grandma or a friend would take them for a wee bit so you can let down and relax. If this isn’t an option, take after-dinner time with the family. Have everyone crawl into their pajamas, grab their blanket, pop some popcorn and read a book together. Do something that refreshes you, something you haven’t done in a long time! Spring is coming again and with it, busyness of life. Nature has entered a season of rest. Take yours!


Idea #3:

Now is the time to think ahead! At your leisure, being planning for the spring months. Do you have a flower bed or vegetable garden? Order a seed catalogue and flip through its pages. Purchase ’em now! Plan your garden so that when spring comes, you are ready. Perhaps there’s a family vacation you want to take in the summer? Look into the details now! Plan it out and choose your date, taking time to consider your options.  Maybe you live on an acreage and have toyed with the idea of raising poultry? Now is the time to look into it! Order a magazine through the mail or online. With particular types of poultry, you do well to place your order in advance!


My Personal Goal #3:

For me, its planning the vegetable garden! I have my heirloom seed catalogue. I’ve re-examined everything and know what suits us for vegetables this next year. I only have to finalize varieties and place my order. I’ll attempt to plan it out on paper so that when spring comes, I’m ready to go! If you are working at your own garden plan, you may want to consider one of my recent posts: Choosing Garden Seed According to Harvest Need.


Each season offers us something! During some we must look harder than others, but nevertheless, its there if only we will open our hands to take hold of it. What will you implement into this week to make it richer than the last?



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  1. Gardening is my all time favorite!!!
    I can’t wait till the catalogues come out so I can start planning my next one 🙂

    Thanks again!!
    I love reading your blog!! Always learn lots of new tips! 😃

  2. the autumn rose says: Reply

    Glad I’m not the only one who gets excited over seed catalogues! 😉 Definitely a favorite activity of mine as well!

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