Chasing Away January Blues-post #2

Welcome to post #2 of chasing away the January blues! Did you take up a project for this month? How has it been going? Feel free to share in the comments! We’d all love to hear what you are doing!

My sourdough starter is in process and I hope to use it in baking next week! I’ve also taken up my winter season rug-making once again! I love these no-sew versions! A simple 3 strand braid that is run back into itself offers a vintage woven look. Its fun, easy, a wonderful task for a slow winter day! Just last night I was working at a new one in pastel colors and listening to a Melissa K. Norris podcast. Love her focus on natural & frugal living, food preservation and old fashioned skills. A favorite!

Recycled Rag Rug

In spite of the projects I’ve taken on, I’m feeling the emptiness of my home. With my husband away some evenings, it can be very quiet here. And sometimes I just miss other interaction with people, particularly people my age. So…can you guess where this post is going?

Tip #2

Psychologists have traced depression and anxiety back to a lack of true connection with others. Relationships matter. During the Christmas season, we often feel rich in this area. There’s giving, receiving, sharing, doing activities together, the anticipated traditions, etc. When its over and everyone goes home, there can be a relational let-down. It was a rich time and its only right to miss it! Go ahead! But don’t neglect the relationships you do have. Make effort to connect with those in your immediate world. And if there’s no one around, pick up the phone and call someone. Have a chat. Work to cultivate what you do have! 


Idea #2:

Take steps to show care for someone else. Who is that person/couple/family you’ve been meaning to spend time with? Make a special dinner and invite ’em over! If your home is too small or you don’t enjoy entertaining, take ’em out for coffee and chat. If you don’t like sitting and talking, pursue recreational activities with that person/s: go swimming, bowling, coyote hunting, hold a games night, a potluck, etc. Make effort to step beyond yourself and your natural comfort zone. You may find the winter blues falling behind you!


My Personal Goal

I’ve been trying to get a function up and going that I refer to as “Friends and Tea.” Its a ladies group I ran from my home last year. Women were invited to bring finger foods and tea, their painting, artwork, knitting, crocheting, etc and work on it in the company and visiting of friends. I’ve been slack on it this year, but its time to get it up and running once again! Its a wonderful way to connect with people of all ages and gets folks out of their homes in the winter! Nothing lightens the atmosphere of a houseful of happy visitors! 


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