Cherry Preserves (made with frozen fruit)

This recipe is simple, with the only ingredients being cherries and honey. If you are a fan of pectin free jams, perhaps you’ll want to adapt this method for all your home-canned jams! Pureeing part of the fruit helps thicken goods sooner and is a wonderful way to speed up the process, whether using berries or fruits.

Cherry Jam


  • 10 C pitted, frozen cherries
  • 1/3 C honey

Directions: place frozen cherries in pot and melt over medium low heat. When hot throughout, take out 2 C of fruit and place in blender. Puree. Return to pot and under medium heat, let goods come to a simmering boil. Stir often, for the next 20 minutes. Ladle into half pint canning jars. Process in waterbath canner according to altitude. Makes five,half pint jars (250 ml).