Lyme Blog

While I am primarily known as the blogger of Hope for Better Living, it actually began with another!

I had a deep desire to help others battling chronic illnesses, particularly Lyme disease. Suddenly and literally overnight the doorway opened and The Hope was birthed.

The Hope was (and still is) a record of my battle and natural treatments that have helped me manage symptoms. Within its pages, I openly share my physical and faith struggles with the intent of helping and encouraging others!

Why not put it all in one blog? As I delved into writing The Hope, it quickly became apparent that the scope was too wide! I had discovered that maintaining the ground I’ve gained is equally important when it comes to chronic illness. From this train of thought, Hope for Better Living was birthed. Though the two are separate blogs, they are closely linked together.

Because of this, I regularly update and share my most recent posts from The Hope below.


Blog Posts from The Hope

“The Hardest Thing You’ll Face in Life”


Not My Fault but Because of Me


What I Really Want You to Say


He Said I Do…to what?

Marriage where there is chronic illness is difficult(very difficult). What did he say "I do" to?








The Way of Escape

What is the Way of Escape Promised to Us?







Those Sub-Conscious Conclusions

Its easy to subsconsiously come to conclusions about life based on what comes our way. Until hardship rises, we are often unaware of WHAT they are!