Garlic N’ Vinegar

Preserve whole garlic in a vinegar of choice! Homemade vinegar works for this, but be aware: the lower the acidity, the quicker garlic will spoil. Yes, this recipe will keep for 4+ months in a cool room (or fridge), no canning involved.


Why do it? It’s a quick go-to when hurried to make salad dressing (as I often am) and the apple vinegar flavor is a pleasant addition! I also love eating a clove or two with a hunk of homemade cheese. And if the garlic is soaked in flavorful apple vinegar? Delicious!


The liquid also serves as a home remedy for colds and sicknesses. A tablespoon of it will cure about anything!


Garlic N’ Vinegar


  • peeled whole garlic
  • apple cider vinegar
  • herbs of choice
  • container of choice

Directions: peel fresh garlic to the amount desired. Place in jar or crock. Pour vinegar over (making certain cloves are covered) and seal with lid. Move to cool room immediately. Fish out a clove whenever needed for salad dressings!

You may also add small, (1-2 inch in diameter) peeled garden onions to the mix as well

Note: should scum or anything (aside from a mother if using raw, active vinegar) appear on the surface of the liquid, toss everything.