Entering Into A New Season of Life

I wanted this post to be well written. I wanted it to be particularly special. I wanted it to leave an impression on your mind. This is the third draft I’ve written. For some reason words won’t flow and so, I’m simply stringing letters across the page!

To those of you who have been waiting for this post, I do apologize for being late! I know I promised it yesterday, but life (and my forgetful brain) interfered.

If you follow my Instagram account, you know my man and I just opened a jar of peaches we’d been saving for a whole year. Last fall, we decided to put them aside until we had reason to celebrate.

Entering Into A New Season of Life

Peach season has come and gone again, but we held true to our resolve. And we were able to celebrate last week with that jar of peaches. But before we opened them up, we snapped a photo and posted it on Instagram. There, I promised you that this post would appear…yesterday. My apologies!

What’s the big secret?


It’s Official!

We’re first time land owners, my man and I! Everything has been approved and just yesterday, our names were transferred to the land title. Yes, things moved fast once they started! Our new reality is still sinking in.

We celebrated by inviting my brother and his family up for a hot dog roast on our property. I may have been a little rushed. Which is why I forgot the camera. Which is why this blog post wasn’t up yesterday. It simply had to have photos to accompany!

I’m sure you’re curious to know the details and I’m dying to tell you. So let’s get to it!

Entering Into A New Season of Life


Our Own Piece of Earth

Our land (I do like saying those words!) consists of 2.8 acres. Originally, we were looking for a place on the lush valley floor. But after some consideration, we decided a mountain home would do as well. So we bought this wild bit of earth! Did you notice the two fawns in the picture?

The property is located about 10 minutes out of town, up an off-shooting valley from where we currently live. It’s higher in elevation, which means we get colder winters, more snow and a shorter growing season.

At first, we decided against this piece because of the poor soil. All food raising activities come back to good old terra firma! And if this land was a mix of rock, sand and soil? We weren’t too sure about it.

However, as we observed the property over the months, we realized it did have healthy vegetation. If we would be patient and pull out our soil-building skills, it would be workable. Besides, it was well suited to our home. The foundation will be a slab-on-ground, which is best put down on fast-draining soil.

The previous owner logged about 1/2 of the property. We’re grateful that lots of tree-clearing doesn’t have to be added to our list! Half cleared, half timbered, we plan to build on and develop the cleared area first. Eventually, we’ll thin timber at the back and turn it into pasture land.

Entering Into A New Season of Life

I think it’s wonderful that the place has trees! After growing up in the heart of logging country, I love being surround by timber and I love, love, love wood heat! Yes, we’re putting a wood stove in the cottage and will need firewood for this winter. After we clean up the dead fall, we’ll have more than necessary.


The Game Plan

We’ve given notice on our rental home and will be out the end of October. Until our house is built, we plan to live on the property in an 8×12 tool shed. There won’t be any plumbing (hello, outhouse seat!) but we will have electricity.

My man has 8 weeks off work, starting mid-October. His goal is to bring the place to lockup by Christmas. My goal? Lockup, yes. But I’m also aiming for an installed wood stove and a fully functioning bathroom. It’s all I ask in the way of a Christmas gift!

In so many ways I still can’t believe it’s ours. The hard work, tight budget and our totally ridiculous lifestyle has paid off!

I’m so glad we didn’t give up. That we kept pressing forward, felt the need to try even when some thought we were crazy.

We made it. The reality has yet to fully sink in! We finally have the opportunity to settle in somewhere and make our circumstances fit our unique needs.


It’s Finally Ours

After my brother and his family left last night, my man and I took a moment by the dying embers of the campfire. The trees enclosing our property framed the star-specked sky. And we just stood still, listening.

The wind. We heard the wind in the treetops. A dog barking in the distance. An occasional crackle from the fire. That was all….

I know we have hard days ahead of us. Labor intensive, exhausting days. It’s not going to be easy. I’m humbled to be given the opportunity to exercise God-given authority over these 2.8 acres of His earth. May He grant us whatever we need to create a haven for ourselves, for our future children and the people He brings into our lives.

4 thoughts on “Entering Into A New Season of Life

  1. I was just waiting for your big news, lol, and you came through! Yeay, so excited for you!! Congratulations!
    You ll have many hard but satisfying days ahead!! And you can tell us all about it!!😀

    1. Thank you Elvira! We are excited to move forward, but are also sobered by the work load ahead of us. And I’ll definitely be sharing all about the progress once we get started!

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