Free Your Home of Fruit Flies: 5 Tips for Success

For those of us who have fresh produce in the kitchen all summer long, fruit flies are the bane of our days! They drive us batty, always hovering over our precious food! And just when we think we’ve got things under control, previously laid eggs hatch out, only to re-infest our kitchens!

Hopeless as the situation may seem, it is possible to win the battle against the annoying creatures! Here are 5 tips will help you free your home of fruit flies!

How to Free Your Home of Pesky Fruit Flies


Set Fruit Fly Traps

Homemade fruit fly traps are simple and effective. It doesn’t take much! Here are 3 methods that will work. In my home, I prefer to use the last option!


#1: Bananas & Bread Bags

Tracy of ‘Simple Living Country Gal’ has dealt with fruit flies! She stands by her method using a bread bag and a banana. I think she’s onto something, particularly for folks who don’t want to kill the flies!


 #2: Jars & Funnels

Myra of ‘My Blessed Life’ uses fruit vinegar, a jar and paper funnel to rid her home of fruit flies. Read her post “Get Rid of Fruit Flies” for a DIY tutorial!


 #3: Vinegar & Dish Soap

A favorite of mine is outlined by Emily of ‘Embracing Homemaking.’ It involves a bowl, fruit-based vinegar and a hint of dish soap! Its a no-hassle way to deal with the flies! Go here for her directions.

After you’ve chosen and set out your trap/s, here are some tips that will help you along.


Maintain Drainage Pipes in Your Home

Have you ever noticed fruit flies hovering around your drain pipes? It could be in the kitchen, utility or bathroom. Eggs are often laid in these damp, dark places. If let alone, fruit flies will hatch in 2 week’s time and add to the infestation in your home!

How to Free Your Home of Pesky Fruit Flies

If trying to rid your home of these pests, you should do a weekly cleanse of all drainage pipes.

Melissa K. Norris of Pioneering Today has a wonderfully simple (and easy) tip for doing just that! At the end of her post on 4 Ways to Clean with Vinegar, she hands us the information!


Cover or Refrigerate Food

Fruit flies will lay their eggs on all types of foodstuff. Store your potatoes, garlic and onions in fruit-fly proof containers. Refrigerate vegetables, fruits and berries you’ve harvested. If produce needs to ripen, store it outside until ready to use/process.

How to Free Your Home of Pesky Fruit Flies

If you have food (such as bread, butter or jam) sitting on your counter tops or in the cupboard, make sure they are covered to keep fruit flies out.


Keep a Clean Kitchen

When trying to obliterate fruit flies, be sure to keep your kitchen clean! Wash dishes, wipe counters, sweep floors and be sure to remove any bits of food from the sink filter after draining dish water. This is key!


Be Aware of What Goes Into Your Garbage Can

Fruit flies are teeny tiny and unless you have a tight fitting lid on the garbage can, your food scraps and eggs shells will only nurture their life cycle. Consider tossing these items to the compost instead!


Have a Strategic Compost Bucket

The late summer season brings fruit stems, pits, cores, peelings and everything the fruit fly loves indoors! If you must have a compost bucket under the kitchen sink, ensure it has a proper-fitting lid that will stay in place!

Anytime you keep a compost bucket outside, place it least 8 ft away from the door. If kept too close, you’ll let in clouds of fruit flies every time you dump kitchen scraps!

Is there a method you particularly love and use? If so, feel free to share in the comments below!


With the arrival of fruit season comes the annoyance of fruit flies! Here are 3 tips and also techniques that will help keep your home clear!








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