Living In an Intense Time of Life

This is an intense time of year. The summer heat is rising every day! Fruits and berries are exploding from their mothering plants, while harvesters rise early to beat the high temperatures. Everywhere I turn, things are moving forward in full vigor. I’m living in an intense time of life!

And my home is not exempt.

Our freezer holds tall stacks of bagged strawberries, cherries and saskatoons. Soon, these will be buried underneath ice-clad, red raspberries. This time of year, I’m normally making a sticky mess of our home while putting up jams and preserves.

Living In an Intense Time of Life

However, this year is different. Instead, I find myself checking the desire to pull out my canner.

I’m standing in uncertainty. We are living in the land of lull as we wait for results. Will we be in this home another winter or will our hopes of owning land and building a cottage become a reality?

I’m glad I didn’t know how long the process would take. A year later, we’re close. So close!

We’ll have our answer by Aug 28th, possibly sooner. Next week we have to travel 6 hours so that my man can take a 1 hour, home builder’s test. And then?

There are only two more hoops to jump through! After the appraiser gives his results to the bank, they can thenĀ  decide whether or not our loan will be approved.

I must confess: I’m having great difficultly being still these days. My man is working so hard! And I? I have to sit by and watch, do what I can (which isn’t very much) and help whenever possible. It’s been so hard for me to wait in a healthy manner!

I feel like a sealed can of soda pop that has been vigorously shook up. Something is about to blow! I’m finding it difficult to settle into anything. Normally, writing is a good outlet for me.

But somehow, I don’t want to be still. I’m finding it difficult to nap, sit in the quiet, to journal, read or pray. Perhaps I’m more nervous and excited than I realized?

I know we’re crazy. It seems everywhere I go, people are amazed that we are attempting both land and a home as first time owners. At times I also momentarily question this decision. But then, all the reasons we have for doing it pile up and once again, I feel the need to try!

I’m not afraid to fall short; I’m afraid of what we will miss if we don’t try. And that gives me motivation to keep going, even while living in an intense time of life.

Folks, if you have any advice for me at this time, please send it my way! I’d love to hear your suggestions! You can leave a comment below or email me (

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