We Moved!

We did it, folks! We survived the move to our own land! I’m pleased it’s over for the time being. Because it was a big job.

Last time my man and I changed homes, it was easy. We had very few personal belongings. This time? Let’s just say there was (e-hem), slightly more. I tried to avoid accumulating “useless stuff” in that big old rental home, but we certainly left with more than we initially brought!

Packing often reveals what you value most. For me, it wasn’t clothes or shoes. It wasn’t books, collectibles or nick-knacks. Nope! Most of our packing boxes were filled with food-related items.

I boxed up pots and pans. I carefully put away fermenting jugs and bottles. I had to cushion several heavy crocks. I placed stone and clay bakeware in strong boxes. And packed up cast iron pans and dutch ovens. I tackled the canning equipment and specifically, the canning jars!

Goodness me!

How many jars did I pack up? It must have been 600+! I’m still staggering under this reality. A good many of them were filled with food we’ll live on this winter. But still…!

Would someone please tell me when I become a canning jar hoarder?

It was only after unloading and seeing them sit pretty-like on the shelves of our new home that I forgave myself. How could I not, when they’re so beautiful and satisfying to look at?

We Moved!

Life up here is blessedly quiet. Our little road receives minimal traffic and only from those living in the neighborhood. Both deer and wild turkeys are often seen moving about. And evenings settle in with a rich, bold darkness that comes only with country living. It’s the kind of dark where a lamp placed in a house window makes a warm, welcome spot in the night. I think I’m going to like it up in these snow-dusted mountains!

We Moved!

If you’re wondering how we finished our house so quickly, you ought to know we aren’t living in our real home yet! You can watch our latest youtube video for the most recent result on that!

We didn’t want to keep renting until our real home was finished. So we’ve hunkered down in an 8×12 insulated shed on the property. And here we’ll stay, until the real house is finished. Unless I get cabin fever and go stir-crazy! In that case, we do have backup plans.

There’s electricity in this tiny home, for which I’m thankful. But no plumbing. Not a pipe!

I have to confess that though I’ve lived in tiny spaces before, I’ve never been without running water in the dead of a Canadian winter! And I’ve never lived such a tiny space with someone else. It’s another season of firsts!

Don’t feel too sympathetic. My man has transformed this shed into a regular, cozy home! There’s more coming soon on that! It’s customized and set up efficiently. That helps with the tiny spaces!

Truth be told, I’ve been looking forward to this move. Life has been nothing short of exhausted chaos these past several months. My temper has definitely been short, primarily because I’m bone and brain weary.

In fact, when we finally drove up to our new little home to stay, I just sat and quietly sobbed in the seat beside my man. Which I don’t often do.

Up until that point, it had seemed as if the busy chaos would never end. It had felt as if the work crowded, not-so-relational way of living was our new reality. And the exhaustion that clenched it’s fingers over us was simply something to accept as…well…life.

On that final drive up, I realized we had broke through to the other side. It was over. We could begin leading a normal life once again. And the relief was immense.

For the time being, we need this little home. I need an environment that makes me sit. One that makes me be still. I need a space that confines me and forces my mind to slow down. A home that induces reading, tea and knitting. Yes! Thanks to my niece, I’ve finally learned! I desperately need simplicity these days.

And I need a small home at this time in life because it will push me out of it. It will help me make time for the friends I’ve so desperately missed.

This situation is new. Unique. And I don’t doubt it will have it’s challenges! But for this season of life, it feels right. I know the ups and downs will come. Shucks, they already have!

Like when we had to haul everything out and redo the ceiling to allow for venting. No more damp clothes and no more dripping in the night! Air flow is important in a roof. Ya know? And we haven’t yet had to do outhouse runs in -20 yet either.

But for this season in life, I’m grateful to be in such a tiny space. Because both my man and I need it. Very much!

4 thoughts on “We Moved!

  1. I can totally sympathize with the frustration and instability of transition and moving, even living in a tight space in between moves (we were 5 people and a dog in a camper for 4 months between houses!). But I also know how peaceful it can be in those moments because God often draws near in our weaknesses. Thank you for baring your heart! Don’t forget to put the work down in the evenings to watch the sunsets!

    1. Thanks Christa! It’s been eye-opening to see how many people have been in similar living situations. And many of them, far more extreme. Thanks for the reminder to slow down. We’re loving the change of pace.

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